Collin Cares Cure Cancer

Collin Cares Cure Cancer is an organization founded by a courageous young man and his family. Collin's mission to help others has attracted an army of volunteers. Our goal is to raise awareness of cancer, it's effects on families and help those in need.  Please join us to fight cancer and defy the hand you're dealt! Our focus is helping children and young adults battling cancer!

Register for our 3rd annual Glow with the Flow 5K/mile fun run! Click this link to learn more:

Volunteer for Glow with the Flow by clicking this link! Thank you to those who volunteer and help make this event happen!


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Platunium Leve Race Sponsors

Star 4 Life 5K

June 2, 2018

Saint Ambrose Church Brunswick, OH


Check out our new race series "Medina Runs Down Cancer" with Medina Half Marathon/5K and Race with Grace! Click here to register now for all three races and help Medina run down cancer!


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Medina Half Marathon and 5K

Race with Grace





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Register for Glow with the Flow now by clicking this link!


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Star 4 Life 

Thank you to the Star 4 Life organization for including us in your 5K run. We are so grateful that we were chosen as one of your foundations to benefit from your event. You helped us give back to the community and allow people to defy the hand they're dealt.

Learn more about Kate Bowling! Click here!

We are proud to announce our new race series in partnership with Medina Half Marathon/5K and Race with Grace! Click here to register or learn more about "Medina Runs Down Cancer"!

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Thank you to everyone who supported our 2017 Glow With The Flow 5K! We had over 400 participants and it was a very successful night!