This year Collin Cares is proud to partner with the Jeff Potter Baseball team. This team is made up of teenage boys who travel to play as well as fundraise. The weekend of July 5th the Potter baseball team is visiting to help us with various fundraising events. 

You are now able to grab a ticket for Collapalooza by clicking the link below!

What is goofy golf?

We are setting up a 18 hole golf course that includes weird ways to golf. Which means you may be hitting a wiffle ball, a round fruit or anything else we can think of!

Who can play?

This is a family friendy event, all ages are welcome!

Is there going to be food?

Of course! Included in your ticket purchase, you are able to enjoy a hotdog and other treats we may have!

If youd like to learn more about the Potter baseball team, check out their website!